Help serve your community by having your organization volunteer at Maybelle Center.

Since our inception, the work that our volunteers do has been vital to our success. Without volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to create the vibrant and supportive community that we do every day in Old Town and Downtown Portland.

A group of volunteers can provide us much needed assistance in a variety of ways. By assisting our staff and members, you will build relationships that will forever change your perspective of Old Town –Downtown Portland.

Examples of past group experiences:

Handing out holiday gifts; serving a special breakfast; serving meals at our Thanksgiving celebration; hosting a supply or gift drive; hosting an activity in our community room; sponsoring a birthday party.

Volunteering in Community Room

We want your group!

Get in touch with us to discuss what you would be interested in so we can best accommodate your group.


Volunteer Opportunities

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Sponsoring a birthday party
  • Assistance in buying supplies for special events and activities
  • Participating in Movie or Game Days in the community room

Upcoming Opportunities

  • Annual Wildwood Picnic: Thursday, July 20 from 8am-4pm
    • A day of fun, games, and food! We are looking for volunteers to help us with everything from packing and organizing to serving s’mores. We hope you will join us!

Other Opportunities

  • Wildwood in the City: TBD (late summer/early fall)
  • Holiday parties and meals (November and December)

Questions? Please contact us at or 971-202-7461.

Maybelle Center Volunteer Group at Wildwood
Donated Holiday Gifts at Maybelle Center
Holiday Gifts:
personally selected for each member
Birthday Cake:
pounds served in 2016
Wildwood Event:
members attended in 2016
Birthday Parties:
held in the communty for our members in 2016