Members and Staff at Womens Retreat in Menucha

Nurturing the Spirit

At its core, our work in spirituality tells our members that no matter what has happened to them in their lives, no matter what they have or haven’t done, no matter what anyone has said to them or about them: they are sacred human beings worthy of love.

At Maybelle Center for Community, we recognize spirituality as a universal aspect of being human, involving a quest for meaning, purpose, transcendence, and values. It includes a deep sense of interconnectedness of all people, nature and the desire for the greater good. We practice spirituality by honoring the worth and dignity of each person through our commitment to devoting presence, attention, and respectful assistance to helping those we serve.

Our Spiritual Support programming includes retreats, memorial services, support groups, social activities, art and music classes, a community choir, and holiday celebrations. We weave spirituality throughout all of our services but do not align with any specific faith tradition; rather, we recognize spirituality as a universal aspect of being human.

We choose to nurture each person on their quest for meaning, purpose, value and desire for the greater good in their lives.

Provide Spiritual Support, Regardless of Faith

Whether one to one pastoral care, retreats, men’s and women’s groups, or memorial services for our members, Maybelle Center is committed to nurturing the spiritual life of our members whatever their faith or religious tradition.


Help Bring Hope to the Heart of the City

We are always looking for groups or individuals who wish to volunteer in our Spiritual Support program. From providing a pancake breakfast, to assisting with support groups, Maybelle Center for Community is welcome to receiving those that wish to serve our members.


Every Person has Inherent Worth and Dignity

At Maybelle Center for Community, we approach each person we serve as a whole person who not only has physical and mental needs but needs spiritual support.

We have found that especially in the Old Town neighborhood, an area filled with poverty, addiction and loneliness, a place like Maybelle Center, where people can come to connect and reflect is needed more than ever. The people we serve often live in single room occupancy hotels (SRO’s) and low-income apartments and are there because they do not have any another place to go. They can have disabilities, live in poverty, and live in a very challenging environment with few opportunities to explore their spirituality.

A core belief that centers our work is that every person has inherent worth and dignity. That no matter someone’s past, or present, they have a need to belong, to be understood, to be cared for, and to have someone in their lives they can trust.

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