Educating for Social Change

Student Volunteers Meeting with Member

The First Volunteers

Since its earliest days, Maybelle Center for Community has played an important part in the education of healthcare providers—especially nursing students. In fact, some of our first volunteer visitors were student nurses from the University of Portland.

Today we have relationships with a number of high schools, colleges and universities in our region including Oregon Health and Sciences University, The University of Portland, Linfield College, Portland State University, Clackamas Community College, Concordia University, and others.

Help Us Educate the Next Generation

Each year, students from various backgrounds visit Maybelle Center to better understand the complex social justice issues related to poverty. Their experience doesn’t only influence them – it has an impact on our members, too. By donating today, you are helping to educate the next generation and provide them with an experience they will never forget.


We Want You!

Get in touch with us to discuss how you would like to be involved in serving our community.


Our Program

High School Students

At the high school level students are exposed to immersion experiences that help introduce them to the challenges faced by our members, and also to the beliefs that guide our work such as honoring the inherent worth and dignity of every individual irrespective of their circumstances.


College and University Students

At the university level, Maybelle Center provides opportunities for students in the medical professions—especially nursing students—to experience 4 to 8-week rotations at the Center. During these rotations, students experience our community first hand including the unique challenges of accessing health care faced by our members.

Most students participate in our visitation program and are exposed to the values of our relationship based approach that honors the similarities rather than the differences that connect us all as fellow human beings. They also benefit from gaining an intimate understanding of the complexities of the barriers our members face when trying to access healthcare when faced with the challenges of poverty, mental illness and addictions.

Only a small percentage of these students will go on to careers serving this population. But the experience of nearly every student, reported by the students themselves, is how profoundly they have been changed by being at Maybelle Center and interacting with our members. Consistently they report how this experience will influence how they will care for all of their future patients. And many commit themselves to advocating for systematic changes to serve the poor with care and dignity. This is also a powerful experience for our members who in many ways become the teachers and take pride in contributing to the education of these committed and caring students.

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