Your Support Makes All The Difference

Being a monthly supporter of Maybelle Center shows your personal commitment to seeing more people living healthy and happy lives within Old Town and Downtown Portland. Together, we can make the members of our community feel valued as human beings and support them when they need it most.

Your recurring monthly gift provides Maybelle Center with a predictable source of year-round funding to give our staff the resources to build community, right here in the heart of the city.

We hope you will join our growing community of monthly supporters today! Any amount of support is appreciated.

The Power of Monthly Giving

  • A regular monthly gift in any amount is welcome!
  • Most of us can make a larger gift simply by breaking it into manageable monthly amounts.
  • Setting it up is as easy as a click or a phone call – then we do the rest – no need to remember anything
  • It’s predictable for you and for Maybelle Center
  • It’s fully tax-deductible and you will receive a detailed year-end summary with our thanks.
  • You will have the satisfaction of supporting a welcoming community for hundreds of people in need!


How to Become a Monthly Donor

Donate via credit card. The amount you select is automatically debited monthly.

Establish an automatic monthly donation to be sent to us by your banking institution.

Give us a call at 971-202-7447, and we can set-up a recurring donation over the phone.

Mail a monthly donation to Maybelle Center, Attn: Maggie Rounds, 121 NW 6th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209.

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Outreach and Visitation:
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Spiritual Support:
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Allan and Laurie in Community Room at Maybelle Center

For just $10 a month

You help support our Community Room, a space where our members can gather, socialize and access basic needs. In addition, people who visit the Community Room can connect to other community resources by speaking to our staff and volunteers.


Member Interaction with Support Services

For just $25 a month

You can provide someone assistance with obtaining an ID. It may seem simple, but without an ID, it is almost impossible to access basic services, including staying in a shelter overnight.


Alec Gets New Bed

For just $50 a month

You give someone the ability to furnish their SRO or low-income apartment. Many of our members do not have the resources to buy a mattress, sheets or pillows when they transition into a new home. Your monthly contribution gives them access to a warehouse where they can pick what they need to make their new home more comfortable.


Student Presenation at Maybelle Center

For just $100 a month

You provide the next generation of doctors, nurses, social workers and caregivers an eye-opening experience that humanizes our members, educates the students on the complexity of the barriers our members face, and transforms the students’ way of seeing health care systems. They are introduced to these issues by participating in our visitation program.


A gift of any kind to Maybelle Center is a gift you can make in confidence knowing that 83 percent of every gift goes directly to programs that benefit the people we serve. The remaining 17 percent is applied to raising additional funds and to managing our many programs.