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Our Values

Maybelle Center for Community’s values guide our work. We believe that no one deserves to live in isolation. We also believe that as people we have more similarities than differences and we each have inherent worth and dignity. And, we believe that the health of our community can be measured by how we care for each other.

Our Programs and Services

Maybelle Center for Community is doing something unusual and powerful. We are creating connection and community for people that have been isolated and ignored by society. Each year, we assist nearly 500 people, helping them to connect to the community and care that helps them live better lives.

The Challenge

Thousands of people in Portland, especially in Old Town, live in isolation. Yet they are virtually invisible due to living in single room occupancy hotels (SROs) and low-income apartments.


Support Services

A team of experts in community resources. They help our members advocate for themselves so they can respond to issues that threaten their stability.


Visitation and Outreach

Every week since our founding, volunteers have made visits to our members. These visits take place in the single room occupancy hotels and low-income apartments that dot our neighborhood.


Spiritual Support

Regardless of faith, we nurture each person on their journey for meaning, purpose, value and desire for the greater good in their lives.


Educating for Social Change

Our education programming deepens university and college students’ understanding of and ability to respond to the social justice issues related to poverty.


Community Room

Our Community Room is a warm and welcoming place where Members can relax, play board games, celebrate birthdays and socialize with each other.



At CareOregon, we recognize that health is about much more than going to the doctor. To ensure your well-being, you must have a safe place to live, adequate food, a social support system, and people willing to help you navigate the intricacies of the health system. Maybelle Center supports the needs of not only our members, but of many people in the community. We greatly appreciate all they do.- Martin Taylor, Director of Policy and Community Relations at CareOregon
We applaud the expansion of Maybelle Center's visitation program, knowing that even more individuals who are alone and marginalized will be touched by the compassion of Maybelle Center's volunteers.- Cynthia Addams, Executive Vice President of The Collins Foundation
We value our relationships with the communities we serve. We are proud to support the mission of the Maybelle Center and its commitment to assure that the residents of Old Town/Chinatown are respected, safe and supported.- Von Summers, Community Affairs Manager at NW Natural

Our Supporters